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H.E.L.F is a domestic and international academic forum that serves as a guideline for growth in the beauty and cosmetic field and provides the latest academic information every year through new efforts. Beginning in 2013, H.E.L.F in Seoul has become an annual event where more than 400 people attended with well-informed lectures and innovative live demonstrations. Since 2016, we have been working as an International Symposium with domestic and foreign experts in the field of medical aesthetics.

H.E.L.F aims to provide more practical and diverse programs such as introducing the viewpoint of beauty according to each country’s vantage point in Asia, introducing optimized treatment methods according to the facial type of the patient and relaying live video. H.E.L.F is doing its utmost to serve as a place for academic exchange on the latest knowledge in the field of cosmetic surgery at home and abroad and trends in global beauty. We hope you can participate in various academic events in H.E.L.F that will be held across the nation and each medical department.

HUGEL academic forum

H.E.L.F - Hugel's Trademark and Traditionally Academic Forum

History of H.E.L.F

The Hugel Expert Leader's Forum (H.E.L.F) is committed to mutual development in the field of medical aesthetics in the international arena. Each year, we continue to provide the latest medical information through continued collaboration with experts and researchers.

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