Hugel will soar to become a global top-tier company that promotes health, beauty, and happiness for everyone.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Hugel’s customers and shareholders for their unswerving trust and support.

Founded in 2001, Hugel has grown progressively with the unwavering vision for beauty and health.

Ever since the 2010 launching of our botulinum toxin type A product, BOTULAX®, Hugel has resolutely maintained a leading position in the aesthetic and therapeutic market. This success can be attributed to superior product quality and trust we gained from our customers. The introduction of hyaluronic acid filler THE CHAEUM® (2014), bio-cosmetic WELLAGE® (2015), and products that have incorporated Hugel’s proprietary R&D technology, has had a synergistic effect in our growth. In addition, Hugel is concentrating on developing high-value products through investments in excellent GMP facilities, professional talent cultivation, and innovative research and development.

Hugel is opening a new chapter, making a transformation from a Korean company to a global bio-pharmaceutical company.

We will continue to lead the way for Korea to become a biotechnology powerhouse by fostering core technologies through trust management and continuous R&D investment, and by strengthening partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies.

Hugel will always be with you.

I ask for your continuous interest and encouragement to Hugel as we develop into a global bio-pharmaceutical company that creates new value through persistent management innovation.

Thank you.

CEO Sohn, Ji Hoon