HUGEL, Inc., founded in 2001, has a vision to promote beauty and health in order to provide happiness for all. Here at HUGEL, creativity, continuous innovation, and development of advanced technology are valued the most. Through manifestation of these values, HUGEL strives to emerge as a global company that will improve the quality of life and contribute to universal health.

In March 2010, HUGEL received an approval from Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) to commercialize Botulax®(botulinum toxin type A), a feat enabled by the diligence of our staff and the unwavering support from our shareholders. Our commitment to manufacturing the best quality products has won us the trust of our customers, consolidating our leadership in the field of botulinum toxin.

HUGEL’s pharmaceuticals are the fruition of our superior GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility as well as the expertise and passion of our staff. HUGEL emphasizes the importance of ‘human involvement’. Therefore, HUGEL invests significantly not only in our advanced GMP facility but also in talent development for our staff. Here at HUGEL, our staff members are ignited with passion and motivation.

HUGEL will ceaselessly develop high value-added products while cultivating a welcoming environment where our staff can reach their full potentials. We will not only strive to satisfy our customers with high-quality products but also our shareholders with increased company asset in the nearing future. We are fully committed to our goal of becoming a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to those who support and take interest in our commitment to enhance the quality of life through beauty and health. Thank you for visiting our website and we wish you all the happiness.

Thank you.

CEO Moon, Kyeong Yeop